What is Crunch Fitness age limit?

What is Crunch Fitness age limit?

Age Restrictions You understand that the age restrictions are in place for members aged between 14 to 17 years of age. There will be no access to weights based training areas or group exercise classes which include resistance training, unless supervised one on one by a personal trainer.

Can teens go to Crunch Fitness?

Individuals as young as 13 can visit Crunch Fitness provided they have a guardian who is at least 21 years of age or older with them.

Can u bring a guest to crunch?

1. Can you bring a guest to crunch? Crunch Fitness loves its guests, so Crunch Fitness offers a free one-day guest pass for them, with the help of that guests can try out their facilities and services.

Can a 10 year old join a gym?

At 10 years old, kids can take classes without an adult directly supervising. Kids 13 and up can use the Strength & Cardio space without an adult, but still must make sure to go through an orientation. Gyms- Kids under 10 can use the gyms with a parent.

Is Crunch Fitness a real gym?

Crunch is a gym that believes in making serious exercise fun by fusing fitness and entertainment and pioneering a philosophy of ‘No Judgments.’ Crunch serves a fitness community for all types of people, with all types of goals, exercising all different ways; working it out at the same place together.

Is crunch similar to Planet Fitness?

Crunch Fitness and Planet Fitness really are remarkably similar in many ways. Both offer a convenient and relatively inexpensive way to access gym equipment and a comfortable workout space. In general, though, Crunch has a little bit more to offer when it comes to equipment, classes, and amenities.

What is Crunch Fitness cancellation policy?

Crunch Fitness Cancellation Process. Anyone who cancels at the gym will need to provide a written notice and pay a $175 cancellation fee. If you cancel your membership before a year is up, you will also need to pay an extra $25 early cancellation fee. Read your contract because some of these fees may be waived if you are moving or injured.

How to cancel your Crunch Fitness membership?


  • Method 2 of 4: Cancelling Your Membership at a Crunch Location.
  • Method 3 of 4: Determining Your Reason for Cancelling.
  • Method 4 of 4: Reviewing Your Fitness Finances.