What is a clinical nurse 2?

What is a clinical nurse 2?

Clinical Nurse II Under general supervision, incumbents provide care to patients in a structured environment. Clinical Nurse II’s perform established nursing interventions utilizing current clinical knowledge. This is the operational level in the series where a majority of clinical nursing positions are allocated.

What is a nurse 2 at the VA?

Nurse II – A Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (BSN) with approximately 2-3 years of experience, or ADN or Diploma in Nursing and a bachelors degree in a related field and approximately 2-3 years experience or a Master’s degree in nursing or related field with a BSN and approximately 1-2 years experience, or a doctoral …

How much does a nurse II make at the VA?

Staff Nurse – RN II Salary in Virginia

Percentile Salary Location
25th Percentile Staff Nurse – RN II Salary $68,699 VA
50th Percentile Staff Nurse – RN II Salary $75,986 VA
75th Percentile Staff Nurse – RN II Salary $84,226 VA
90th Percentile Staff Nurse – RN II Salary $91,728 VA

How do you write a good nursing proficiency?

Write out all the symptoms and how the patient reports to be feeling. Write objective information and leave out personal opinion, feelings and emotions. This information will be used by doctors and other nurses and only factual and accurate information should be reported. Write as precisely as possible.

Who is VA proficiency nurse II to III?

Has 9 years experience. I’m in the same situation and currently appealing my denial to Nurse III. I would also appreciate anyone willing to share their proficiency for when they got promoted to Nurse II to Nurse III. [email protected] Specializes in Inpatient Psych/Behavioral Health; Med-Surg. Has 2 years experience.

How to become a nurse 2 in the VA?

What requirements are needed to be promoted (I.e; going from Nurse 1 to Nurse 2, Nurse 2 to Nurse 3, etc..), and What an RN needs to do to prepare for promotion. The training will be led by Irma Westmoreland, RN, NNOC/NNU VA Chair.

Which is not a competency of the VA?

not present Proficiency Level B Behavioral Indicators 1 1 – Novice Writes basic communications (e.g., 2 – Foundational Drafts concise, straightforward su 3 – Intermediate Prepares reports, summaries, or ..

Who are the nursing leaders in the VA?

This year’s theme is “Nurses Make a Difference.” Secretary’s Award winners: Maria VanHart, Victoria Church, Nicole Snow, Jonathan Lowman, John Rohrer, and Kelly Irving. VA recognizes Nurse Leaders in December. See videos and stories about nursing leaders in VA.