What is a Bat Mitzvah project?

What is a Bat Mitzvah project?

Give a Mitzvah, Do A Mitzvah is an initiative that was created to offer young adults a resource for mitzvah projects and tzedakah opportunities. Many area synagogues require bar/bat mitzvah student to do social action projects, often known as “mitzvah projects, as part of their bar/bat mitzvah preparations.

What’s the difference between bat and bas mitzvah?

Bar is the masculine word, bat (in Israeli and Sephardi Hebrew) or bas (in Ashkenazi Hebrew) is the feminine. A ‘bar mitzvoh’ is for a boy and a ‘bat mitzvoh’ is for a girl. The bar/bat means ‘son/daughter of’ – and a mitzvoh is a commandment (from God). That is the religious coming-of-age ceremony in Judaism.

What do girls do during bat mitzvah?

Often the girl will learn and use the traditional chant for the reading. Giving a speech about the Torah and/or Haftarah reading. Completing a tzedakah (charity) project leading up to the ceremony to raise money or donations for a charity of the bat mitzvah’s choice.

Do you have to do a Bar Bat Mitzvah project?

Not all Bar Bat Mitzvah children are required to complete a Mitzvah Project, but many do. As many parents know, finding a Mitzvah Project that your child is passionate about can be challenging.

What’s the best theme for a bat mitzvah?

Whether or not you’re actually planning a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah doesn’t take away from the fact that these 15 parties conjure up serious inspiration and ideas for anyone throwing an epic celebration. This one-of-a-kind, tropical themed Bat Mitzvah in Chicago featured bold colors, unique lighting and an over-the-top dessert bar.

What does areyvut do at a bar mitzvah?

Areyvut is an organization dedicated to enhancing Bar and Bat Mitzvah experiences through participation in social action. The staff of Areyvut can work with students and their families to develop and personalize social action projects.

Is it an ordinary birthday or a bat mitzvah?

Photo credit: Michael Jurick Photography A bar/bat mitzvah is not an ordinary birthday, it is a special day to celebrate a Jewish child entering adulthood when they turn thirteen. While a bar or bat mitzvah is an important day for the birthday boy or girl, it is also important to keep guests in mind when selecting entertainment.