What gangsters are buried in Mount Carmel Cemetery?

What gangsters are buried in Mount Carmel Cemetery?

Organized crime

  • Al Capone.
  • Frank Capone.
  • Ralph Capone.
  • Vincent Drucci.
  • Sam Giancana.
  • Genna Brothers – Sam, Vincenzo, Pete, “Bloody” Angelo, Antonio, and Mike “The Devil”
  • Jake Lingle – murdered journalist and mob associate.
  • Antonio Lombardo – Chicago mobster and consigliere to Al Capone.

What cemetery is Al Capone buried in in Chicago?

Mt. Carmel Cemetery
Al Capone’s Grave Alphonse and his family are buried at Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Proviso Township, Ill. (The address for the cemetery is 1400 S Wolf Rd, Hillside, IL 60162.)

Who owns Catholic cemetery?

Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles
Calvary Cemetery (Los Angeles)

Type Roman Catholic
Owned by Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles
Size 137 acres
Find a Grave Calvary Cemetery

Where is the Mount Carmel Cemetery in Illinois?

It is located near the Eisenhower Expressway (Interstate 290) at Wolf and Roosevelt Roads. Another Catholic cemetery, Queen of Heaven, is located immediately south of Mount Carmel, across Roosevelt Road.

How many people are buried in Mount Carmel Cemetery?

There are more than 226,275 remains at Mount Carmel and about 800 remains are interred there annually. Mount Carmel Cemetery is also the final resting place of numerous local organized crime figures, the most notorious of these being Al Capone. In all, the cemetery grounds contain over 400 family mausoleums.

Who are the famous people in Mount Carmel?

It’s Mount Carmel Cemetery and it’s the final resting place of many famous characters whom most of us know from history and through numerous books, movies and TV series that feature their lives.

Where are the Capone graves in Mount Carmel Cemetery?

The Capone family gravesite. The final resting place of Alphonse Capone, a long-time leader of the Chicago Outfit. Al Capone’s grave is in section 34. When you enter the cemetery from Roosevelt Rd (IL 38), turn right and drive on for some 50 yards, and there it is on the right. The O’Banion family gravesite.