What does the ARD program in PA mean?

What does the ARD program in PA mean?

Most defendants in the ARD program in Pennsylvania, around 90%, were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance. What is it? The Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) program is a type of pre-trial intervention program in Pennsylvania.

What happens if you violate the conditions of Ard?

If the court finds that you violated any conditions of ARD, the court may remove you from ARD. At that point, the underlying DUI prosecution is reinstated and the case proceeds as if it had never been diverted to the ARD program.

How does Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition ( ARD ) work?

Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition. To be accepted into an ARD program the defendant has to agree to certain conditions such as making restitution or completing substance abuse treatment. While in an ARD program, defendants are placed under supervision, similar to probation. They may also be ordered to do community service .

Who are the attorneys for the ARD program?

Our ARD Program attorneys proudly defend the accused throughout Pennsylvania. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition Program (ARD) is a special pre-trial intervention program for offenders with no prior or limited record.

Who is the district attorney in Pennsylvania for ARD?

In Pennsylvania, admission into ARD is controlled by the District Attorney, who has broad discretion as to whom to allow into the program. Typically, your attorney will assist you in the process of admission into the ARD program, but your counsel should caution you that there are no guarantees.

Do you have to plead guilty to ARD in PA?

The defendant doesn’t have to admit to any wrongdoing when applying for ARD, but may have to plead guilty to any summary offenses, usually violations of the motor vehicle code. The court may impose costs and assessments. There can be a fee assessed to participate in the ARD Program.

Is there an Ard review panel in Lancaster County?

Lancaster County also has an ARD review panel which exists through the District Attorney’s Office. After applying for ARD, in some cases, an applicant will be scheduled for an opportunity to appear before an ARD review panel with their attorney.