What does non accompanying mean?

What does non accompanying mean?

Non-accompanying means they are not emigrating with the principal applicant at this time. If you intend to sponsor your children following your own landing in Canada after you are settled, they are non-accompanying for the purposes of your application for a visa. F.

What is accompanying family member?

Accompanying family member. Related term: Accompanying dependant. A spouse, common-law partner, dependent child or dependent child of a dependent child (grandchild), who plans to immigrate to Canada with the principal applicant. Accompanying family members are included on the application.

Who qualifies as a family member CIC?

Under R117(1)(h), a Canadian citizen or permanent resident may sponsor one relative of any age if: they do not have a spouse, common-law partner, conjugal partner or one of the following living relatives they could sponsor: son or daughter.

Who is considered dependent child?

A dependent child is the natural, foster, adoptive, or non-adoptive child from a previous relationship, of the parent, who is: under 18 years of age and living with the parent (and his or her spouse, if applicable) for 50% or more of the applicant’s study period; or. 18 years of age or older; and.

Who are the two non accompanying family members?

The first is the separated spouse of the applicant and the second is where a child of the applicant who is in the legal custody of someone other than the applicant. Basically stated, the applicant can have no legal control over this member of the family to be exempted from sharing their inadmissibility.

Can a non-accompanying family member make an applicant inadmissible?

An accompanying family member who is inadmissible will make the applicant inadmissible. Even if the family member is non-accompanying, there are circumstances under which the applicant is still inadmissible [ R23 ]. These circumstances include non-accompanying family members who are: spouses, except if they are separated (in law or fact)

Can a non-migrating family be a family unit?

Click to expand… However, you are logically right because, by the new definition, the Non-migrating family members should be members of your family unit, and your family unit does not include your parents.

Can a sponsor support a non accompanying family member?

Further, a sponsor must demonstrate that they can support all family members, including non-accompanying family members. This is per the Low Income Cut Off versus their household income and potentially other finances. Normally, an inadmissible family member, whether accompanying or not, would render the applicant inadmissible.