What does 7 twice mean?

What does 7 twice mean?

Here me out. In the drinking game 7/11 Doubles, a drink (beer, mixed drink, whatever you like) is placed in the middle of a table, and the first player throws a pair of dice. If that person rolls a 7, 11, or double (like two 5s) then they get to choose a player to drink.

What is Beyonce’s most famous song?

Beyoncé’s 30 greatest songs – ranked!

  • Diva (2008)
  • All Night (2016)
  • Déjà Vu (feat Jay-Z) (2006)
  • Drunk in Love (feat Jay-Z) (2013)
  • Dangerously in Love (2003)
  • Don’t Hurt Yourself (2016)
  • If I Were a Boy (2008)
  • The Closer I Get to You (feat Luther Vandross) (2003)

Why is Beyonce’s song called 711?

Allison Piwowarski opined that the song’s title refers to the drinking game “Sevens, Elevens, and Doubles”, as the singer hints in lines like “… I’m thinkin’ bout that alcohol / Man it feel like rolling dice / seven eleven .”

When did Beyonce release the 7 / 11 music video?

BEYONCÉ Platinum Edition. Music video by Beyoncé performing 7/11. (C) 2014 Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment Loading…

What is the meaning behind Beyonce’s ” 7 / 11 “?

Looking at the lyrics of “7/11,” little hints are given throughout the song. The beginning of the song begins in a pretty obscure lyrical place:

What’s the best song on Beyonce Platinum Edition?

Listening to Beyoncé: Platinum Edition sometimes feels like a puzzle. Gone are the days when deciphering a song was as easy as singing the repeating chorus of “Love On Top,” because Bey has gotten complicated. Beyoncé’s new song “7/11” is hands down one of my favorite songs she has produced in a long time, the music video is even better.

How many dancers does Beyonce have in 7 / 11?

Beyoncé is joined by five female dancers to perform a choreography. Other scenes show her rolling dice on her dancer’s buttock and blowing her hair with a dryer. She is also seen getting out of a present box in front of a Christmas tree and dialing a phone number on her foot.