What do you mean by string processing?

What do you mean by string processing?

In this formalism, the linguistic representation of an utterance is stored as a string. Initially, the string contains text, which is then re-written or embellished with extra symbols as processing takes place. Systems such as MITalk [1] and the CSTR Alvey synthesizer [6] used this method.

What is str value?

A string is a type of value that can be stored in a variable. A string is made up of characters, and can include letters, words, phrases, or symbols. Definition: Strings hold groups of characters, like a word or a phrase.

What is str variable?

String variables, simply speaking, are variables that contain not just numbers, but also other characters (possibly mixed with numbers). But actually a string variable may contain characters such as “\” or “-” or “:” and so on — anything a keyboard may produce.

What is string data structure?

Data structures While STRING is regarded as a data type, it is also a data structure. The STRING data type is an array of different characters all stored together in sequence. Arrays are another common data structure. They let programmers store items in a list.

What does STR stand for in molecular biology?

S hort T andem R epeat (STR) analysis is a common molecular biology method used to compare allele repeats at specific loci in DNA between two or more samples.

When to use% str and% nrstr functions?

The %STR and %NRSTR functions mask a character string during compilation of a macro or macro language statement. They mask the following special characters and mnemonic operators: They also mask the following characters when they occur in pairs and when they are not matched and are marked by a preceding % :

How is STR analysis used to identify individuals?

The power of STR analysis comes from looking at multiple STR loci simultaneously [6]. The pattern of alleles can identify an individual quite accurately. Thus STR analysis provides an excellent identification tool. The more STR regions that are tested in an individual the more discriminating the test becomes [6].

When to use% str and% quote functions?

Putting the same argument within nested %STR and %QUOTE functions is redundant. This example shows an argument that is masked at macro compilation by the %STR function and so remains masked at macro execution. Thus, in this example, the %QUOTE function used here has no effect.