What color was the original Apple logo?

What color was the original Apple logo?

Apple briefly switched to a translucent blue logo in 1998 before adopting a monochrome one later the same year, a white aqua version in 2001 and a Chrome variant in 2007.

Why did Apple have a rainbow logo?

when asked how he designed it, he explained that: ‘it was very simple really. I just bought a bunch of apples, put them in a bowl, and drew them for a week or so to simplify the shape. ‘ the rainbow color scheme was a nod towards the apple II which was the world’s first to feature a color display.

What Colour is the apple symbol?

According to Linzmayer’s book, Janoff added the colored stripes – green, yellow, orange, red, purple and blue – to the apple logo, because of the Apple II’s by then, impressive color possibilities. The logo was in fact used at the launch of the Apple II.

When did Apple stop using the rainbow logo?

Apple’s rainbow or “six-color” logo made its debut on the Apple II computer in 1977 and was widely used until 1998, when it began to be phased out in favor of a monochrome Apple logo similar to the one used today.

How many colors are in the Apple logo?

Back in the olden days, Apple’s logo featured a rainbow of six colors. Longtime Apple fans and employees used to say that if you cut them, they would “bleed six colors.” Steve Jobs described his return to Apple in this way: I had expected that all of the good people would have left. And I found these miraculous people…

Is the Apple logo on the back of an iPhone 6 Plus?

But all is not lost, because if you are using an iPhone 6/6s or an iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus you can now get your very own glowing Apple logo on your iPhone. The process of making the logo on the back of an iPhone glow isn’t one for the faint of heart, but the results do speak for themselves. At least in the looks department.

Where did the new Apple logo come from?

For Apple’s use of the logo, a set of five logos in separate colors, were taken from the old rainbow logo. The new logos appeared slightly raised, to illustrate the apple logo in clear plastic on Apple’s new iMacs. Here is a version in purple.

Is the Apple logo legible in one line?

In the one-line signature, both the type and the Apple logo are clearly legible at a small size. It is ideal for horizontal layout space. Apple Identity Guidelines for Channel Affiliates and Apple-Certified IndividualsMarh 20139 Signature Color Apple channel signatures can be displayed only in all-black or all-white.