What caste is coorgi?

What caste is coorgi?

Kodavas are an ethno-lingual group who hail from the land Kodagu also known as Coorg, located in the state of Karnataka. Their native language being Kodava, these people are not Brahmins and hold a strong belief in nature. Kodavas are Kshatriyas; hence worshiping weapons is just part of their culture.

What are the Coorgis famous for?

Besides coffee and spice plantations, Coorg is also famous for its juicy and pulpy oranges. Coorg oranges are unique because they are easy to peel off and carry a tinge of citric tang and sweetness in them. Local chocolates and homemade wines are also a speciality here.

Which is the best time to visit Coorg?

With the temperature ranging between 15 degree Celcius and 20 degree Celcius throughout the year, Coorg is a year-round destination. That said, October to March is the best time for adventure activities especially trekking. March and April are the favoured months to experience the valley shrouded in white flowers.

Is Coorg and Madikeri same?

Madikeri is a hill station town in Karnataka state, India. Also known as Mercara, it is the headquarters of the district of Kodagu (also called Coorg). Coorg or Kodagu (originally called Kodaimalenadu) means ‘dense forest on steep hill’. It is a beautiful hill country most of which is between 3000 and 4000 feet high.

When did Coorg become a part of Karnataka?

Over the next few centuries, the place came under the control of different dynasties like the Hoysalas, the Cholas and also the Vijayanagara Empire. It was in 1956 that the place was declared as a district and it became a part of Karnataka. A place with a rich history and beautiful scenery is always popular among tourists and Coorg is no exception.

Why is Coorg a popular place to visit?

A place with a rich history and beautiful scenery is always popular among tourists and Coorg is no exception. The hill station includes a number of attractions that captivates one’s eyes and heart. And so travellers from different parts of the country and even abroad visit this place.

How big is the area of Coorg in India?

The area is spread over 4102 sq km. The place is also called Kodagu. It has an abundance of opportunities to make your holidays enjoyable and also have a calming effect on you. Sunrise at Thadiyandamol hills in Coorg. Image Courtesy snapper san

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