What are the Latin names for the elements?

What are the Latin names for the elements?


  • Sodium (Na – Natrium)
  • Potassium (K – Kalium)
  • Iron (Fe – Ferrum)
  • Copper (Cu – Cuprum)
  • Silver (Ag – Argentum)
  • Tin (Sn – Stannum)
  • Antimony (Sb – Stibium)
  • Tungsten (W – Wolfram)

What are the 118 elements PDF?

Here is the List of 118 Elements with Symbols and Atomic Number

Name of the Element Symbol of the Element Atomic Number
Carbon C 6
Nitrogen N 7
Oxygen O 8
Fluorine F 9

What are all 118 elements?

118 Elements and Their Symbols and Atomic Numbers

Name of the Element Symbol of the Element Atomic Number
Argon Ar 18
Potassium K 19
Calcium Ca 20
Scandium Sc 21

What are all the names of the elements in Latin?

Element: Symbol: Latin Name: Antimony: Sb: Stibium: Copper: Cu: Cuprum: Gold: Au: Aurum: Iron: Fe: Ferrum: Lead: Pb: Plumbum: Mercury: Hg: Hydragyrum: Potassium: K: Kalium: Silver: Ag: Argentum: Sodium: Na: Natrium: Tin: Sn: Stannum: Tungsten: W: Wolfram

What element has a Latin name called Ferrum?

Iron – Ferrum (Fe) Iron’s Latin name, ‘ferrum’, gives it its symbol Fe; it simply means ‘iron’ or ‘sword’, and is possibly of Semitic origin. The element is known by a myriad of various names in different languages, with some sources suggesting there are over 200 different names for it. There’s a list of 213 of them here.

Which element has the Latin name of ‘Aurum’?

Gold – Aurum (Au) The Latin name for gold was ‘aurum’, meaning ‘yellow’, derived from the word ‘aurora’ (‘dawn’). The name ‘gold’, used in Germanic languages, means ‘yellow, shining metal’; many other European languages use derivatives of aurum. Mercury – Hydrargyrum (Hg)

What is an element whose ancient Latin name was plumbum?

Mercury (Hg – Hydrargyrum) Lead (Pb – Plumbum) Nearly all of these elements were known in ancient times and therefore carry over their Latin names. Some of the names also led to other words that are common in the English language. For example, plumbum, Latin for Lead (Pb), is where we get the words plumber and plumbing, because lead was used in water supply pipes for centuries.