What are the features of Bosch spark plugs?

What are the features of Bosch spark plugs?

Spark plugs from Bosch are specially adapted to the specific requirements of two wheeler engines. The outstanding features of Bosch spark plugs include: Especially in motorcycle engines, with their high engine speeds, spark plugs must withstand special strains.

Do you have to gap Bosch spark plugs?

If you want everything to run smoothly, you need to adjust it as accurately as you can. Usually, your vehicle’s manual will mention the desired gap according to your car make. And usually, Bosch, NGK or Denso plugs will come factory pre-gapped.

Where can I buy green spark plugs for my car?

The Green Spark Plug Co. specialises in spark plugs & accessories for veteran, vintage and classic engines. Whether it is for cars, motorcycles, lorries, motorboats, tractors, stationary engines, boats, agriculture equipment or even lawn mowers the Green Spark Plug Co. has vast stocks of period plugs and/or their modern equivalents.

What kind of spark plug is Bosch double iridium?

Bosch Double Iridium Pin-To-Pin Spark Plugs represent advanced OE spark plug technology and are manufactured to be OE equivalent in fit, form and function. The ultra-fine wire design firing pin and ground electrode pin provide higher performance.

What kind of spark plug does a Bosch backpack sprayer use?

Stihl Spark Plug Chart BOSCH NGK BOSCH HL 90, 95, 100 USR7AC HS 45, 72, 74, 75, 76, 80, 85 WSR6F BPMR7A Backpack Sprayer HS 46, 56 CMR6H SR 200 HS 60, 61 BPMR7A SR 320, 340, 400, 420, 450 WSR6F

When to use Bosch to NGK cross reference?

Bosch to NGK cross reference Some of the plugs listed here may not be current parts or may not even be UK part numbers. These lists provide a starting point if you are not comfortable using our cross reference applications or our main partsearch which matches specifications of plugs rather than simply checking known equivalents.