What are the best practices for app campaign assets?

What are the best practices for app campaign assets?

Assets should use conversational text in headlines and descriptions, recognizable visuals, and strong audio to attract and hold user attention. Note: Per Google policy, images will be disapproved if the word “Download” or “Install” is superimposed.

How does Google UAC work?

Universal App Campaigns (UAC) are an automated ad type in Google Ads that help advertisers generate more app installs and/or drive in-app conversions. They do this by using machine learning to identify your best performing ads and show them to the most relevant users.

How many ad groups should I have UAC?

There is unlimited ad groups you can create within a campaign, so technically you’ll have unlimited assets per campaigns (with a max per ad group of 4 text ideas assets, 20 image assets and 20 video assets). Below are some slides from Google I/O 2019 where they made the announcement.

How can I improve my app campaign performance?

Read on to learn five ways to maximize efficiency in one of the most automated ad types in Google.

  1. Optimize for First Installs, Not Downloads.
  2. Understand Your Cost Per Install Goal.
  3. Segment iOS & Android Campaign Budgets by Performance.
  4. Target Users More Willing to Perform In-App Actions.

What to do if UAC is not turned on?

If this setting isn’t turned on, UAC isn’t used, and any security benefits and risk mitigations that are dependent on UAC aren’t present on the computer. Turn on the User Account Control: Run all users, including administrators, as standard users setting.

Why is UAC important in a managed environment?

For managed environments, well designed UAC experiences allow users to be more productive when running as Standard users by removing unnecessary restrictions. It gives Standard users the ability to ask administrators to give them permission to perform administrative tasks within their current session.

Which is the default setting for UAC in Windows 7?

The first is to notify users only when a program is making the change, so administrators are automatically elevated when they make a change themselves. This is the UAC default setting in Windows 7, and it also makes use of the secure desktop.

How does UAC work in admin approval mode?

This policy setting determines the behavior of all User Account Control (UAC) policies for the entire system. This is the setting that turns UAC on or off. Enabled. Admin Approval Mode and all other UAC policies are dependent on this option being enabled.