What are chicos made of?

What are chicos made of?

Unlike posole, which consists of hulled corn kernels that have been stripped of their bran and germ, chicos are made by steaming whole ears of corn in the husk and then drying them.

What are new Mexican Chicos?

Chicos are dried kernels of sweet corn, traditionally roasted in an horno. Once rehydrated, they taste just like the sweetest roasted summer corn you’ve ever had, intensified. This is serious New Mexican food, completely obscure outside of the state, and even many who grew up here have never tried them.

What are chicos del horno?

And in case you don’t know, chicos are kernels of ripe sweet yellow corn that has been dried by traditional methods dating back thousands of years. Their full name, ‘chicos del horno,’ is a reference to the horno mud oven in which the corn is steam-baked before being dried.

How do you dry Chicos?

The ears should be soaked in water for an hour before baking. Then place them, unpeeled, in a covered baking pan or wrapped in foil. Bake it for 3-4 hours, checking occasionally to make sure it doesn’t blacken or even dry out. Turn the oven off before bed, but leave the corn in the oven overnight.

What kind of corn is used to make Chicos?

Usually made with young “green” field corn, chicos are typically slow-roasted in outdoor horno ovens and then dried on rooftops.

How are the CHICOS made in New Mexico?

Chicos are made by steaming whole ears of corn in the husk and then drying them. The word “chicos” is known in New Mexico, though corn is dried in this manner throughout the southwest. It is a labor-intensive, time-consuming process.

Who are the best Chicos in New Mexico?

Chicos are made by first smoking in a Pueblo-style Horno, whole ears of corn in the husk, and then drying. Farmer Peter Casados is the master. He uses his 500-year-old family recipe to make the best Chicos in all of New Mexico.

What’s the best way to eat a Chico?

Chicos are cooked until they swell up to their former size, often in combination with beans or winter stews (a handful to a pot). The sun-dried corn has a sweet, fresh flavor. Corn roasted in an horno produces darker kernels, with a slightly smoky flavor. Chicos are comfort food, whether eaten with beans or added to a stew.