Is wellshire bacon Whole30 approved?

Is wellshire bacon Whole30 approved?

Wellshire Whole30 Approved Bacon Paleo Sugar Free Uncured Turkey Bacon – Ingredients: Turkey, Water, Sea Salt, Celery Powder, Paprika, White Pepper, Onion Powder. Where to buy: Wellshire is an exclusive brand to Whole Foods (store locator), but you can also order online on their website.

What bacon is Paleo?

Paleo followers prefer natural brands of bacon, meaning those that make their products without nitrates or fillers. They are used in recipes like bacon cheeseburgers (bunless of course), bacon and eggs, and bacon-stuffed dates.

What is Paleo sugar free bacon?

Our Certified Gluten-Free, naturally hickory smoked bacon is now Certified Paleo and available with no sugar. Slowly smoked over burning embers of real hickory, each slice is packed with intense, classic bacon flavor—not added sugar. Our gluten-free, sugar-free bacon is the perfect addition to a Keto or Paleo diet.

What makes Wellshire Farms Bacon gluten free and natural?

Naturally gluten-free, this all-natural uncured bacon is dry rubbed with sea salt and spices and smoked using the finest wood chips. Made with only 5 ingredients and no water added which creates an authentic product that doesn’t shrink. Always free of preservatives, antibiotics, nitrates and nitrites.

What kind of bacon is Wellshire Black Forest?

11139 Wellshire Black Forest Bacon (16) 16 oz packages (slices may vary). Made from pork raised humanely without the use of antibiotics, this salt-cured bacon is rubbed with raw sugar, malted barley and spices for a flavor unlike any other bacon.

What kind of spices are in Wellshire Farms Bacon?

Dry rubbed, meaning no added water and only using 5 ingredients, the flavorful spices are certain to engage your senses. Always free of preservatives, antibiotics, nitrates and nitrites. This all-natural bacon boasts a distinct applewood smoked flavor balanced with just the right amount of maple flavoring.

Can you eat bacon on a paleo diet?

Eat Like a Caveman! This PALEO friendly bacon is crafted with only a few ingredients. Sugar free and low sodium bacon that taste as good as it looks. Crafted from animals raised humanely and fed a vegetarian grain diet! Always free of preservatives, antibiotics, nitrates and nitrites.