Is Uniworld cruising again?

Is Uniworld cruising again?

Uniworld will resume its river cruises on June 20, 2021, when it will debut the recently renovated S.S. La Venezia in Italy. On June 27, Uniworld will restart cruises in France on its S.S.

What is the slogan of Uniworld?

Uniworld are committed to their motto, “No request too large, no detail too small”. Since 1976, they’ve been offering the very best in boutique river cruising, taking guests to the most picturesque destinations in the upmost style.

Does Uniworld go to Greece?

Uniworld invites you to set sail with them this Summer! Be the first to experience 2021 departures to Italy, France, Portugal, Peru, and Egypt. New destinations will be open soon!…ABOUT US.

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How many ships does Uniworld have?

19 vessels
Itineraries and Fleet Uniworld has 19 vessels, including three purpose-built Super Ships that carry 150 to 159 passengers. Its other ships also have a lower passenger ratio than Viking. Both lines sail the Rhine, Main, Danube, Moselle, Seine, Rhone, Garonne, Dordogne and Douro rivers.

Is there a call center for Uniworld Travel Advisors?

Please note our call center is currently experiencing increased call volume. To avoid longer wait times on the phone, book online with River Currents, our online booking engine for travel advisors. Welcome to Uniworld’s new Travel Advisor Portal!

What do you like best about Uniworld cruises?

The service was typical for a Uniworld cruise and was exceptional in all areas, including housekeeping, laundry, dining, bar, tours, cruise management and educational opportunities. What I like best about Uniworld is the friendliness and outgoing approach by everyone on the ship.

Where is the UniWorld boutique river cruise collection located?

Another feature is the Uniworld cruise tracking service integrated into each page. It shows on a map the boat’s location now (current position on the river). Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection is located in LA California and operates a fleet of river cruise ships along the rivers in Europe, Russia, China, Egypt and Brazil Amazon.

What’s the difference between Uni World and you by Uniworld?

“U by Uniworld” is operated with separate brochures, a new website ( and separate pricing. U’s product is tailored for cruisers ages 21-45 with fewer inclusions than the higher-priced sister line.