Is the PreSonus Central Station plus a good monitor?

Is the PreSonus Central Station plus a good monitor?

PreSonus’ Central Station Plus is one of the most feature packed monitor control systems available for professional studios and home setups alike. The Central Station is a sturdy, well-designed monitoring device that takes a hands-off approach to the audio signal.

What kind of monitor does Central Station use?

The pros know that for critical listening, a monitor-control system must be as sonically transparent as possible. That’s why we gave the Central Station an audiophile-quality, passive signal path, with no op-amps or ICs, and we equipped the S/PDIF inputs with high-definition, 24-bit, 192 kHz D/A converters.

Which is the best remote control for Central Station plus?

To top it off, the included CSR-1 remote control lets you manage it all from your desktop. With its combination of I/O, audio quality, and features, it’s no surprise that the Central Station PLUS is indeed the professional’s choice for monitor control.

How many speakers does the Central Station work with?

The Central Station will automatically detect and lock to the sampling rate of the source device. You can audition these sources with up to three pairs of speakers, with individual trim pots for each speaker. You also get two screaming-loud headphone amplifiers with individual level controls.

What kind of headset do I need for Central Station?

If two sets of cans aren’t enough, simply connect the line-level cue outputs to a headphone distribution system—say, a PreSonus® HP2, HP4, or HP60.

What do you need with Central Station plus?

Central Station PLUS: The professional’s choice for monitor control. You need to be able to switch between multiple sets of monitors and hear what your mix sounds like with and without a subwoofer.