Is the Hotel California solo hard?

Is the Hotel California solo hard?

Not hard. Took about an hour or 2 after I became technically good enough to handle it. Solo is harder to memorize than it is to play.

How hard is it to learn the Hotel California solo?

The solo is pretty basic though. It’ll take a beginner six months (of average effort) to play the notes… two years to make it sound good (as long as you have a decent timing)…

Is it easy to learn Hotel California Guitar?

This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Welcome to Hotel California! It is a lovely place, and an even easier song to learn on guitar that will get you started on your journey to rock heaven. Check out my tutorial and learn this song in no time! Follow Marty On Social Media!

How to play Hotel California guitar solo-Eagles?… In this lesson we will be learning the iconic outro solo to Hotel California. The solo is played by both Felder and Walsh trading licks over the B harmonic chord changes. The solo contains licks in B harmonic minor and is also a great example of targeting notes of the chord changes to create a melodic part.

What’s the best way to play Hotel California?

So instead of switching scales or outlining chords with arpeggios, you can think of one base scale, like B minor pentatonic, and then play around the chromatic voice-leading line. When you do, you’ll be making all the proper changes to the scale pattern anyway. So this is just another way to accomplish the same thing.

What kind of chords are in Hotel California?

The guitar solo section is played over the same chord progression heard in the song’s introduction and verses. The key is generally regarded as B minor, though the progression is interspersed with 5ths and modal interchange, which creates temporary focus on chords other than Bm.