Is the Honda CRF230L street legal?

Is the Honda CRF230L street legal?

Lest anyone be fooled by the name, the CRF230L is not a street-legal version of the CRF230F. The two models share a similar air-cooled, 223-cc single-cylinder motor, but they have radically different résumés. The F version is a purpose-built dirt bike, whereas the L’s MO is the street.

What years did Honda make the CRF230L?

Honda CRF 230L

Make Model Honda CRF 230L
Year 2008 – 09
Engine Four stroke single cylinder, SOHC, 4 valves
Capacity 223 cc / 13.6 cu-in
Bore x Stroke 65.5 x 66.2mm

How much does a Honda CRF230L weight?

Honda CRF230L

Manufacturer Honda
Dimensions L : 2,072 mm (81.6 in) W : 848 mm (33.4 in) H : 1,113 mm (43.8 in)
Seat height 32 in (810 mm)
Weight 113.5 kg (250 lb) (dry) 121.5 kg (268 lb) (wet)
Fuel capacity 2.3 US gal (8.7 l; 1.9 imp gal)

Is Honda CRF a dual sport?

Leveraging the brand’s unparalleled experience in the manufacture of dirt bikes, Honda’s performance off-road lineup now includes CRF machines for riding applications including motocross, closed-course off-road, pure off-road, and even dual sport.

Is the Honda CRF230L a dual purpose bike?

Honda’s first dual-purpose machine in 17 years, the 2008 CRF230L is just as at home on the trail as it as on the road. You may be surprised just what this bike can do. As the interest to get away from the city lights and traffic increases, the dual-sport segment will continue to grow.

Is the Honda CRF230F Dirt Bike Street Legal?

Check out this insightful review of the Honda CRF230F dirt bike: The Honda CRF230L was an entry-level dual-sport bike that was street legal. It was the first of the CRF-L series and sibling to the Africa Twin (CRF1100L), produced only from 2008 to 2009. The CRF230L had lighting, electric starters, a different frame, and an engine.

What is the weight of a 2008 Honda CRF230L?

Tipping the scales at a lightweight 267 pounds full of gas and ready to ride, the 2008 CRF230L will surely prove to be a handy and popular addition to the Honda dual-sport lineup.

Where was the Honda CRF230L tested in California?

A remote high-desert location near California City served as the backdrop for our testing of Honda’s new CRF230L dual-sporter. Honda chose this remote landscape as the backdrop for CRF230L press introduction. It was an ideal locale; they call it the Dual-Sport Zone.