Is Omega Seamaster quartz a good investment?

Is Omega Seamaster quartz a good investment?

Of course, there are watches that promise a greater increase in value, but ultimately the Omega Seamaster is not a classic “investment watch”. Omega does not cut back on its models, so availability is correspondingly good. On the other hand, the Omega Seamaster continues to enjoy great popularity.

Is the Omega Seamaster 300M worth it?

After reading through the above, it’s not so hard to see why the Omega Seamaster Diver 300M is such a popular watch. Excellent heritage, strong design and robust all-round performance. Plus, it offers great value for money at USD 4,400 in steel with a matching bracelet. And let’s not forget the James Bond effect.

Is Omega Seamaster 300 quartz?

The OMEGA Seamaster Diver 300M is powered by OMEGA’s calibre 1538, a quartz precision movement with an end of battery life indicator.

How accurate is the Omega Seamaster Diver 300M?

What is the accuracy of Seamaster watches? The Seamaster automatic models have received a Chronometer certificate from COSC. This certifies that the movement measured within -4 to +6 seconds of variation per day. Like most fine watch makers, OMEGA does not bother to certify their quartz models.

What’s the depth of the Omega Seamaster 300?

Ironically only good to a depth of 200m, the Seamaster 300 is the aesthetic forebear of modern Seamaster dive watches. The ensuing decades saw the Seamaster line expand into a number of models and sub-lines, including soccer timers, quartz dress watches, and the legendary behemoth that was the Ploprof.

What makes the Omega Seamaster value for money?

The Omega Seamaster Diver 300M is great value for money. Which explains why it is such a popular watch. In fact, when people ask for recommendations for a dive watch, this is usually high on my list of suggestions.

Is the Omega Seamaster Professional a dive watch?

As long as a watch is called a “dive watch”, it needs to be able to walk the walk. Among Omega‚Äôs lineup of divers, the Seamaster Professional seems the least likely to see time on a dive boat.

Why was the Blue Seamaster Professional 300M so popular?

The blue Seamaster Professional 300M became an instant classic because of Bond. And in true Omega fashion, its popularity spawned dozens of iterations in different metals, dial colors, and complications.