Is Magtech 9mm ammo any good?

Is Magtech 9mm ammo any good?

This ammunition is the choice of top competitive shooters like Jerry Miculek and Mark Hanish among others. This ammunition is new production, non-corrosive, in boxer primed, reloadable brass cases. “Without a doubt, Magtech is the most dependable ammo I’ve used.

What type of ammo does a GLOCK 22 use?

40 S&W cartridge
By far the most popular police service pistol in the United States, the GLOCK 22 fires the potent 40 S&W cartridge and holds more rounds for its size and weight than most other full-sized handgun in its class.

Can you use 9mm bullets in a GLOCK 22?

Convert a GLOCK 22 to 9mm for Serious Training If you want to save money and train with your GLOCK 22 in 9mm, you need to do a little bit more than jsut swap out the barrel. Notice up above I didn’t say anything about magazines. You can shoot 9mm out of 40 caliber GLOCK magazines with about 90% reliability.

Is Magtech ammo reliable?

Magtech Ammunition has been producing ammo since 1926 and has earned a reputation for quality among serious shooters around the globe. The main objectives at Magtech Ammunition are to provide shooting enthusiasts with a product that is both reliable and affordable round after round.

How much is a round of MagTech ammo?

Prices varied from $159/1000rd to $289/1000rd. In every test case, MagTech appeared to be superior ammo that far exceeded all of our expectations: Glock 19, 5000rd, ZERO FTF, ZERO FTE. Canik TP9SA, 5000rd, ZERO FTF, only 1 FTE.

Are there any magazines that work with a Glock 10mm?

No love for the 10mm or 45 ACP family. 40 S&W magazines should also work with 357 SIG, although I don’t have first-hand experience since I don’t own a 357 SIG. However, they have the standard Glock 17/22 19/23 and 26/27 magazines in their respective round count like you’d expect.

How tall is the Glock 22 service pistol?

GLOCK 22 1 Length (Overall)** 204 mm | 8.03 inch 2 Slide Length 186 mm | 7.32 inch 3 Width (Overall) 32 mm | 1.26 inch 4 Slide Width 25,5 mm | 1.0 inch 5 Height incl.Mag. 139 mm | 5.47 inch

How big is a 27 round Glock magazine?

The 27 and 24 round magazines are for IPSC and are 170mm. Speaking of competitions, one final bonus for these magazines is that most Glock base plates will fit on these magazines. This opens you up to base plates from companies like Taran Tactical.