Is Laser Spine Institute still in business?

Is Laser Spine Institute still in business?

Laser Spine Institute 18 months after closure — What happened to its $56M Tampa HQ? Fourteen years after opening, Tampa-based Laser Spine Institute shuttered in March 2019 following a series of financial blows and lawsuits that led to its eventual demise.

Is laser spine surgery better than traditional?

Laser spine surgery is often used alongside minimally invasive techniques. Doctors who perform laser spine surgery claim that it is more efficient and effective than minimally invasive spine surgery using more traditional surgical methods.

Where is Spinal Laser Institute located?

Laser Spine Institute owns and operates a chain of surgery centers that specializes in invasive spine surgery. Laser Spine Institute was founded in 2005. Laser Spine Institute’s headquarters is located in Tampa, Florida, USA 33607. Laser Spine Institu…

Does Laser Spine Institute work?

The Laser Spine Institute makes several claims in regards to how minimally invasive and easy their Laser surgery procedures are. They claim to be able to treat several conditions with their procedure such as spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, pinched nerves and several other conditions.

What is the procedure for laser back surgery?

One of the more well-studied methods of laser back surgery is called percutaneous laser disc decompression (PLDD). This procedure uses a laser to remove disc tissue that may be causing nerve compression and pain. During PLDD, a small probe containing a laser is passed into the core of the affected disc.

What is laser cervical surgery?

Laser Surgery for Cervical Cancer. Laser surgery, sometimes called laser ablation, is a treatment that may be used to address cervical cancer. Most often performed for women with early stages of cervical cancer, laser surgery involves using a focused laser beam to create heat.