Is Jeet actor Bengali?

Is Jeet actor Bengali?

Jeet (Bengali: জিৎ) is an Indian actor, producer and television presenter who predominantly works in Bengali cinema….Jeet (actor)

Jeet in 2017
Born Jeetendra Madnani 30 November 1978 Kalighat, Kolkata
Nationality Indian
Occupation Actor model singer producer

What is the surname of actor Jeet?

Jeetendra Madnani
Jeet/Full name

Jeet aka Jeetendra Madnani is an Indian Model, Actor, Producer, and TV Show Host, who mostly works in Bengali Cinema and TV Industry. He started his career with modeling in 1993.

How old is Jeet, Bengali actor and producer?

As a producer, he has produced the maximum number of successful movies. The name of his production house is Jeetz Filmworks/Grassroot Entertainment – Two names under the same production team. Bengali Actor and Producer Jeet was born on 30th November 1978 in Kolkata. His age in 2019 is 41 years. He was born in a Sindhi Family.

Who is the actor in the movie Jeet II?

Jeet (II) Jeet (Jeetendra Madnani) is an Indian Actor , Producer, Writer and Television presenter who predominantly works in the Bengali film industry .

When did Jeet from Sathi movie get fame?

He got fame in 2002 from his movie ‘Sathi’ for which he also won ‘Bengal Film Journalists’ Association Awards’ for Most Promising Actor and ‘Anandalok Award’ for Best Actor. Apart from an acting, he is also involved in hosting at reality shows (‘Koti Takar Baaji’, ‘Bigg Boss Bangla’) and award shows.

What kind of awards has Jeet won in Bengal?

He won various awards such as ‘Bengal Film Journalists ‘Association Awards’, ‘Anandalok Award’, ‘Zee Bangla Gourab Somman Awards’, ‘Star Jalsha Parivaar Awards’, ‘Tele Cine Awards’, ‘Filmfare Awards East’, ‘Kalakar Awards’ for different categories.