Is Donatos owned by Red Robin?

Is Donatos owned by Red Robin?

Greenwood Village, Colo. -based Red Robin has been adding the Donatos brand to its restaurants since 2018 in one of the industry’s more unique cobranding arrangements.

What states have Donatos?

As of 2019, there are about two dozen franchisees operating more than 100 Donatos Pizza locations in ten states: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. In 1999, Donatos was purchased by McDonald’s in an attempt to enter the pizza industry.

Is Donatos Pizza good?

It’s one of my favorite pizzas in Nashville. I checked with other diners who reported that the hot chicken pizza was good “but not hot enough” (I think that could be open for interpretation) and that the pepperoni with its slightly crisp pepperoni edges was really good.

Does McDonald’s own Donatos?

McDonald’s grew Donatos too quickly, prompting founder Jim Grote and his daughter to buy back the company in 2003. Under McDonald’s, Donatos reached 200 units, before downsizing to 182 when the Grote family stepped in.

Who is the chairwoman of Donatos Pizza Company?

Today, our family-owned company remains a pizza favorite. Working with his daughter, Donatos Chairwoman Jane Grote Abell, Jim remains a guiding influence at Donatos. Jim’s generosity is about more than our ample pizza toppings, the Edge-to-Edge (R) mantra we’re known for.

How did Jim Grote build Donatos Pizza Company?

From the beginning in 1963, Jim Grote built Donatos on three fundamentals: creating a superior product, hiring great people, and adhering to strong principles that promote goodwill in business and the community. His philosophy was simple and powerfully successful: “To make the best pizza and treat others the way I would like to be treated.”

What do you put on a Donatos Pizza?

New! Cauliflower florets oven-roasted and tossed in your favorite dry rub or served with wing sauce on the side. Shaved ham, sliced salami, smoked Provolone, banana peppers, freshly cut Roma tomatoes, lettuce, house Italian dressing.

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