How much horsepower does a LS1 350 have?

How much horsepower does a LS1 350 have?

LS Family = Gen. 3, 5.7L, Aluminum Block, Car Engines

Performance Specifications
Compression Ratio 10.2:1
Horsepower Rating 305-350 hp
Torque Rating 335-365 ft./lbs

How much horsepower does a LS1 have?

Horsepower & Torque
Horsepower 1997 – 2000: 345hp @ 5,600 rpm (257kW) 2001 – 2007: 350hp @ 5,600 rpm (261kW)
Torque 1997 – 2000: 350 lb-ft @ 4,400 rpm (475 N⋅m) 2001 – 2007: 365 lb-ft @ 4,400 rpm (495 N⋅m)

What are the specs of an LS1?

It is an all-aluminum 5,665 cc (5.7 L; 345.7 cu in) pushrod engine with a bore and a stroke of 99 mm × 92 mm (3.898 in × 3.622 in). When introduced in the 1997 Corvette the LS1 was rated at 345 hp (257 kW) at 5,600 rpm and 350 lb⋅ft (475 N⋅m) at 4,400 rpm.

Is the LS1 a 350?

The GM Powertrain engineers were not deprived of a sense of history. The new LS1 is both similar yet vastly different. The new Mouse motor is still a 90-degree V8 employing 350 cubic inches of classic pushrod, two-valve power. The engine is rated at 345 horsepower at 5600 rpm, with 350 lb-ft of torque at 4400 rpm.

What are the specs of a GM LS1 engine?

The engine specs and information here is for the stock LS1 engine. Mechanically similar, GM’s LS and LS-based Vortec engines wound up on almost every branch of the GM family tree: Chevy, Pontiac, GMC, Cadillac, Buick—heck, even Saab, Hummer, and Isuzu got some LS love.

How tall is the LS1 small block engine?

The LS1 is the original Gen. 3 small block engine from General Motors used in cars from 1997-2004. Deck Height: 9.240 in. Bore Spacing: 4.400 in. Thrust Bearing

Are there any issues with the LS1 engine?

Although there are many “pros” for the LS1 engine, there are some common issues with the engine and are further exacerbated in motorsport environments.

How many horsepower does a Vortec LS1 engine have?

The aluminum blocks are not as strong as the LS-based iron-block Vortec truck engines like the LQ4 and LQ9 , but both the LS1 and LS6 can be pushed to over 850 horsepower with upgraded internals. If you’re on the hunt for the best mods for your LS1 engine, you’re in the right place.