How much does a Toyger cat cost?

How much does a Toyger cat cost?

This breed is so docile and loving that a toyger is essentially a rag doll in its owner’s arms. Breeders in three continents can’t keep up with the demand for toyger kittens. For that reason, kittens may cost up to $5,000 but tend to start at $1,500.

Can you own a Toyger?

The Toyger breed is a medium-sized domestic cat with an uncanny resemblance to a wild tiger. But don’t let you scare you off from owning one! They are loyal, active domestic pets that might make a perfect addition to your home.

Are Toyger cats good pets?

Toygers are friendly, outgoing, active, alert, highly intelligent and easy to train. They like to play fetch and can be taught to go on walks outdoors. These cats are also good candidates for agility training. They get along with other pets and children and make excellent family pets.

Are Toyger cats rare?

Since Toygers are very rare, breeders often charge between $1,500 and $5,000 per kitten. However, many breeders donate a portion of their profits to tiger conservation, just as Sugden envisioned.

What kind of cat is a Toyger kitten?

Toyger Kittens For Sale & Cats For Adoption The Toyger is an active cat that enjoys playing with its human counterparts or with fun toys that are highly interactive. While they are quite active, they will not exhaust you and are more than happy to curl up in your lap so that you can admire their striking appearance and stroke their luxurious coat.

Can you sell Toyger kittens as a pet?

Our toyger kittens are bred indoors and handled daily to ensure that they are well socialized with people. You can be sure that every kitten is loved and well cared for in our home. All kittens are sold as pets, no breeding rights. All pet kittens are spayed/neutered before leaving our cattery.

Where can I find a South Paw Toyger cat?

SouthPaw Toyger Cattery located in Selma, North Carolina. The Toyger is a domestic breed that has been developed to resemble a toy tiger. The purpose for these cats was to remind people of the conservation of tigers in the wild.

How to take a picture of a Toyger cat?

An action shot, the cat going scatty or engaged in an activity. A close up get in real close, use macro or close up lenses (and a reflector). A studio shot keep the background plain and contrasting. Employ a human to be part of the shot the cat walking around stockinged feet or boots. Get a prop a chair, bed, shelf, bench.