How much does a new 90 hp outboard cost?

How much does a new 90 hp outboard cost?

The Cost of Horsepower

40hp – $6,671.60 90hp – $10,263.00 175hp – $15,968.00
50hp – $7,958.00 115hp – $11,565.20 200hp – $19,258.80
60hp – $8,572.20 135hp – $13,552.50 225hp – $20,913.60
75hp – $9,640.50 150hp – $14,813.60 250hp – $21,814.50

How much does a 90 hp Mercury cost?

Average rigging costs for 225 hp. to 400 hp. is $4000. This can vary both up and down in cost depending on the pontoon and the exact engine….Mercury Motors.

New Mercury Motor Price
90 ELPT $10,599
90 ELPT CT $10,999
115 ELPT $11,599
115ELPT CT $11,899

What is the lightest 90 hp outboard?

Suzuki DF90
At 155kg, the Suzuki DF90 is the lightest 90hp 4-stroke engine currently on the market.

Which is the best rotary tiller for sale?

New 3pt 7′ foot gear drive tiller for sale. This tiller has a slip clutch drive line, has 6 blades per flange, is all gear drive, solid A-frame, powder coat paint, large diameter rotor, weighs 973 lbs, etc. Call 832 289 5406 21 foot rotary hoe, good wheels. New 3pt 4′ foot pto driven tiller for sale. Call 281 831 5813. NO TEXT.

What kind of tillage equipment is for sale?

New and used rotary tillage equipment for sale falls into two categories. Most common are the pieces of equipment, generally referred to as rotary tillers or rototillers, with rotating knife-type blades on the front or back that cut through the ground and break up the soil for better water penetration and air movement in preparation…

How big does a Howard 700 Tiller get?

This is a slightly used Howard 700 tiller. It has tilled 120 to 150 acres. It is built like an OX, direct gear drives that drive from both sides (no chains), oil cooled gear box, HD slip clutch, HD gearbox with Hi and Lo speed, Double flange. All original tines have about 50%.

What kind of motor does a Honda 90 hp have?

Honda 90 Hp year 2004 Four Stroke, 25 ” shaft model number BF90A4XRTA, Motor is in good running condition ready to rig on your new boat or re-power, fuel efficient , quite and low emission, few scratches on the top of the cover and and lower unit, Motor was tested by certified marine technician.