How many times has Claudio Caniggia played for Argentina?

How many times has Claudio Caniggia played for Argentina?

Claudio Paul Caniggia ( Spanish pronunciation: [ˈklawðjo kaˈnixja, – kaˈniʝa]; born 9 January 1967) is an Argentine former professional footballer who played as forward or winger. Caniggia played 50 times for the Argentina national team.

Who is the host of MTV Caniggia Libre?

In 18 September 2017, Charlotte Caniggia is hostess of her docu-reality programme ” MTV Caniggia Libre “. In 2019, she participated again in “El Bailando”, in its 2019 edition, Bailando 2019, in Argentina. ^ a b “Isola, Charlotte Caniggia: “Ho rifatto naso seno e labbra.

What is the name of Claudio Caniggia’s daughter?

She is the daughter of retired professional footballer Claudio Caniggia with retired model Mariana Nannis. Her television appearances started in 2012 when she participated in the eight season of Bailando por un Sueño in Argentina.

Why was Claudio Caniggia suspended from the World Cup?

Having been booked against Italy, his second in the tournament, Caniggia was suspended for the final against West Germany .

When did Claudio Caniggia get banned from football?

Caniggia got a 13-month ban for taking cocaine in 1993 and has a history of enjoying the high life. After his ban expired he joined Benfica on a year-long loan financed by the Parmalat dairy company.

Who was Claudio Caniggia’s wife in the 1990 World Cup?

Claudio’s wife at that time, model Mariana Nannis, said: “At times I believe Diego is in love with my husband. It must be the long hair and big muscles.” At the 1990 World Cup, Caniggia scored two key goals to help Argentina reach the final.

When did Claudio Caniggia play for River Plate?

At club level, Caniggia played for River Plate (1985–88), Hellas Verona (1988–89), Atalanta (1989–92 and 1999–2000), Roma (1992–93), S.L. Benfica (1994–95), Boca Juniors (1995–98), Dundee (2000–01) and Rangers (2001–03). He has become a club legend and cult-hero at many of the clubs he has played at.