How many scarlet badis should be kept together?

How many scarlet badis should be kept together?

For only a 10 gallon (37.8 L) nano, it is recommended to only get one male scarlet badis and two or three females to prevent fighting and overcrowding. A larger tank size will allow more males to be added with caution. Any nano tank smaller in size should not be used to house scarlet badis.

Is scarlet badis a community fish?

However they would not be suitable to live together in a tank environment. Scarlet Badis will hide and cower away from anything larger and more aggressive. Generally it is agreed that these fish are unsuitable for a community tank. You are best keeping them in a species only tank.

Can a scarlet badis live in a 5 gallon tank?

That being said, the ideal nano tank setup includes having a scarlet badis couple or group that consists of 1 male and 2-3 females. A 5 gallon tank will often be enough to house them, but a will be much more stable and forgiving for beginners.

What can live with scarlet badis?

Scarlet Badis Care

  • The recommended minimum tank size for scarlet badis is 10 gallons.
  • Author Note: Some common plant choices that go well with scarlet badis are rotala rotundifolia, Ottilia alismoides, java moss, and limnophila sessiliflora.
  • Author Note: It’s very easy to overfeed scarlet badis.

What to look for in a scarlet badis tank?

The best tank mates for scarlet badis are their own kind. Assuming you give them enough space these fish will get along and live a happy and stress-free life. If you want to give them a shot in a community tank you’ll need to be cognizant of how their temperament fits with other fish.

Where does the scarlet badis fish come from?

The scarlet badis (scientific name: Dario dario)is a beautiful little freshwater fish that’s getting a ton of attention in the nano aquarium community. This fish originates from India and can normally be found in tributaries that feed the Brahmaputra river (a massive river that runs through India, China, and Bangladesh).

Why is it important to take care of scarlet badis?

While all the elements of scarlet badis care are important if you want to maximize the health of your fish, water quality is by far the most important. Obviously water quality is important for all fish, but dario dario are exceptionally sensitive to unsuitable water conditions.

What’s the best way to breed scarlet badis?

Breeding these fish is quite straight forward. Scarlet Badis have been bred successfully in both alkaline waters and in more acidic waters. When breeding tank vegetation is very important as they will lay their eggs on plants. As the spawning starts, the male will show off his bright colors to the females.