How long does it take for Kuroiler to mature?

How long does it take for Kuroiler to mature?

Kuroiler mature in about 10 weeks compared to local breeds that take several months or even up to a year to mature. At maturity, Kuroiler chicken weighs about 3.5kg as compared to other breeds that weigh 2kg. Kuroiler chicken performs quite well under what experts call “scavenging conditions”.

How much is a tray of Kuroiler eggs?

Ensure you have a safe place where you keep the Eggs, and enough Trays. The first eggs produced when the Hens are between 5-6 months should be just sold for eating….Share this page:

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How much is a hen in Uganda?

The ready to consume local chicken price has moved from Shs28,000 to Shs30,000 while exotic off-layers are selling for Shs14,000 up from Shs8,000. Kuroilers sell for Shs50,000 [cocks] up from Shs30,000.

At what age do Kuroilers lay eggs?

The female birds start laying at 4 to 5 months age and can lay up to 150 eggs in a 12 month cycle.

What can I Feed my Kuroiler chicken in Uganda?

This feed can be made locally and given to your Kuroiler birds as an alternative to traditional milled feeds to significantly cut your production costs. In Uganda you can use maize/corn grain, 1kg of maize when it is procced to sprouting grain will become 6-7kg of fodder.

How old do you have to be to buy chicken from Kuroiler?

Take this opportunity to order your Kuroiler poultry products directly from our dedicated Kuroiler farms. You can buy Fertilized Eggs, Kuroiler One (1) day Old Chicks, One Week old birds or One month old birds. You can also order adult chicken for eating at the comfort of your home or Mobile Gadget and it would be delivered to your door step.

Why is it important to keep Kuroiler chicken in Africa?

We encourage many families to keep this chicken as its characterists enables it to adapt to most harsh weather conditions especially in Africa. This is why we are calling upon suppliers of poultry in Africa to pioneer and take kuroiler chicken to their communities. Represent your Country and benefit!

How much does a one day old Kuroiler cost?

Kuroiler Chicks- 1 Day Old KuroilerChick-1DayOld Quality One day Old Kuroiler Chicks. Price: $1.00 Your 1000 Kuroiler chicks will require approx. 15 Drinkers and 20 Feeding troughs.