How do you unlock the graveyard island in Oceanhorn?

How do you unlock the graveyard island in Oceanhorn?

The Graveyard island can be discovered in the Sky Island. Go to the roof of one of the houses of the little town on Sky Island and there will be a telescope. Alternatively, the Hero can talk to the Adventurer’s Guild master after obtaining the Emblem of Ocean and learn about the island from him.

How many bloodstones do I need in Oceanhorn?

There are a total of 55 Bloodstones, all required to unlock this achievement.

Where are all the bloodstones?

List of Bloodstone Locations

# Location Image
1 Hermit’s Island Bloodstone #1 Location.
2 Sandbar Bloodstone #2 Location.
3 Sandbar Bloodstone #3 Location.
4 Bomb Island Bloodstone #4 Location.

How many islands are in Oceanhorn?

There are a total of 17 islands in the game.

Where do you find the Heart piece in Oceanhorn?

After you have obtained the Ice Spell, head towards the north eastern corner while still on top of the second floor. You will find another heart piece at the end of the bridge inside a treasure box. 8. Tikarel Island This heart piece is accessible only after you have obtained the trencher boots.

Where do you get the key in Oceanhorn?

Grab the key from the chest and then drop down to the lower fortress courtyard. Take the ramp at the bottom of the screen and follow it around to the door. Watch out for enemies with swords and crossbows along the way. Unlock the door and then go in and through the small door.

Where does Oceanhorn take place in the world?

Oceanhorn takes place in a world made up of islands with long expanses of sea between them. Our hero will need to use his boat to travel between these islands. To exit to the world map, find your boat on the island and interact with it when “Do you want to enter World Map?” appears. From this screen, you need to select your destination.

Where do you get first spell in Oceanhorn?

Ask direction here and get the location of Sandbar and Withered Lands. Collect two bloodstones. Get the location of Bomb Island. Unlock bomb. Save Rigger and obtain first spell. Obtain Earth Emblem, unlock bows and arrows. Collect cube for the Hermit.