How do you grow Grammatophyllum speciosum?

How do you grow Grammatophyllum speciosum?

Cultivate: Grammatophyllum speciosum are best grown in a wire or wooden basket. The plant will grow at a height of 1.5-2.5m so the plant can not stand in the pot, and the strong rapid growing root system often breaks ordinary pots. The baskets allow free air flow over the roots, and eliminate over watering problems.

How do you take care of a Grammatophyllum?

FERTILIZER- Grammatophyllum plants should be fed consistently. we suggest using a Balance type fertilizer 20-20-20 or 15-15-15. From Spring through early Fall, fertilizing every seven days, with several clear waterings in between. In the late Fall through Winter, a light feeding once every other week.

What is the tallest orchid?

Grammatophyllum speciosum
Grammatophyllum speciosum, also called giant orchid, tiger orchid, sugar cane orchid or queen of the orchids, is a species of orchid native to tropical Asia. It is listed by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s tallest orchid, with specimens recorded up to 7.62 metres (25 ft) in height.

How often do tiger orchids bloom?

Tiger orchids usually bloom around July to August or December to January. The plants flower rather infrequently (O’Byrne, 2001); they may flower once a year, but sometimes once every two or four years or even more infrequently (Orchid review, 1905).

Where does the name Grammatophyllum come from?

Grammatophyllum is a genus of 13 currently known orchid species. The name is derived from the Greek words “gramma” (a line or streak or mark) and “phyllon” (leaf), referring to the parallel leaf veins or the markings of the perianth.

Where to find Grammatophyllum orchids in the world?

The flowers of most Grammatophyllum species, are generally yellow, brown, green and spotted, and are found throughout the islands of the Malaysia, Philippines and New Guinea areas. Light- Grammatophyllums grow well in moderate to high light intensity (30-35% shade).

What’s the best way to separate Grammatophyllum plants?

When dividing Grammatophyllum plants, always divide into parts with at least four psuedobulbs. Remove any dead roots from the divisions, then lay the divisions aside until new root growth begins. At that time, usually a week or so, repot the divisions in their new pots.

What kind of light does a Grammatophyllum need?

Light- Grammatophyllums grow well in moderate to high light intensity (30-35% shade). These plants usually acclimate very well to full sun and are often used in landscaping (Often seen mounted on trees). Lime green colored foliage is an indication of proper light.