How do I schedule my CAPM exam?

How do I schedule my CAPM exam?

Log in to and go to myPMI > Review Application Status > Schedule Exam. You will be directed to schedule your online proctored exam through Pearson VUE. In which languages are the exams available? CAPM® exams are translated into multiple languages.

Is CAPM worth getting?

So…is CAPM certification worth it? Here’s the short answer: absolutely! Whether you’re trying to land a job in the project management field or want to find a way to climb the ladder, obtaining CAPM certification offers numerous benefits for you.

Can you cheat on the CAPM exam?

Since you can take the exam in a place of your choosing, you might think that it is easy for someone to cheat the system. However, it is very difficult. Before you start your exam, the proctor will check your identity, scan the complete area and will ask you to clean up if necessary.

Where do I go to take the CAPM exam?

There are two ways to take the CAPM exam: attend a test center or take a CAPM online test via a proctored exam. At a test center, you will sit at one of the center computers and work through your exam questions. For an online proctored exam, you will be at home (or at a computer of your choice) and log into the virtual test environment.

Which is better the PMP or the CAPM exam?

The CAPM exam is more simple than the PMP exam because it follows the PMBOK more closely. This certification is created for people who are beginning in business and who want to pursue a job in project management, not for those with practical job experience as a project manager.

Do you get discounts on CAPM prep courses?

Get Discounts On CAPM Prep Courses! Becoming a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) is a great way to enter the project management profession. But with the Project Management Institute (PMI) releasing some upcoming changes to the certification, timing is key.

When do the AP exams start for 2021?

2021 AP Exam Calendar. Administration 1. May 3–7, 10–12, 14, 17. In School. View Exam Dates. Administration 2. May 18–21, 24–28. In School and At Home. View Exam Dates.