How do I prepare for a Level 1 sommelier?

How do I prepare for a Level 1 sommelier?


  1. Study, study, and study before you get to class.
  2. Do not think the exam is a cakewalk.
  3. If you are feeling comfortable with your knowledge learned prior to class, then you will enjoy the class even more.
  4. Listen intently to the instructors during the class.
  5. Remember what you learn during class.

What is on the Level 1 sommelier test?

Level 1: Introductory Course Time to Prepare: Think of this level as an introduction: an umbrella of information, including common terminology, wine regions, and grape varieties, not to mention spirits, beer, and sake. If you get 60%+ of the questions correct, you pass!

How hard is the certified sommelier exam?

Some say it’s the most difficult test in the world. Others say it’s one of the most difficult tests in the world. The first level sommelier test is offered at the end of a weekend course, and around 90% of students pass it. The next level, the Certified Sommelier, has about 66% of its applicants passing.

What can you do with a WSET Level 1?

However, if you’re looking to gain some valuable, hands-on experience, the WSET 1 can help you pick up a wine job as a: Grape picker / harvest helper. Cellar worker and packer. Tasting room staff member.

How much money do sommeliers make?

If you’re a level 1 sommelier, you’ll make a salary of around $40–50k. If you’re a Certified Sommelier, or a level 2 sommelier, you’ll make a salary of around $60–70k. An Advanced Sommelier, or level 3 sommelier, will pull in a salary of about $70–80k.

How much do Level 1 sommeliers make?

How Much Do Level 1 Sommeliers Make? The national median level 1 sommelier salary according to the sommelier salary survey is $55,000. A level 1 sommelier is one who has passed the Introductory Sommelier Course and Examination.

Should I skip WSET 1?

WSET Level 1 – Great for Beginners It is quick and simply a broad introduction into wine topics all consumers should be aware of. This level is good for those who want to learn more about wine, but simply don’t know where to begin.

What is a liquor expert called?

A beer sommelier, also called a cicerone, is a trained professional, working in the hospitality and alcoholic beverage industry, who specializes in the service and knowledge of beer.