How do I create a hierarchy in WordPress?

How do I create a hierarchy in WordPress?

How to Create WordPress Pages With Hierarchy and Templates

  1. Or in the admin menu, in Pages, you can click on Add New.
  2. Or you could go through the list of all your pages and then click on Add New from there.
  3. A common use for a page in WordPress is an About Us or About Me page.

What is the WordPress template hierarchy?

The WordPress template hierarchy determines in what order your template files are loaded within your WordPress theme. WordPress searches for these files, to determine how to load your site. If you open the ‘Twenty Fifteen’ (one of the default WordPress themes) theme folder, there are more than 15 templates files.

Why the WordPress template hierarchy exists?

Why the WordPress Template Hierarchy Exists The template hierarchy exists to make it easier for theme designers and developers to customize the look of a WordPress site. It’s very common for a client to make the “tag archive” pages for their blog different from the single-post page.

Which of the following orders 404 template files are called in template hierarchy?

404.php index
Likewise, 404 template files are called in this order: 404. php. index.

How does the hierarchy work in WordPress templates?

Each template file represents another part of the page, and together they make up all of the content of your individual pages, pulled from the WordPress admin. However, which template file is actually selected is based on a fairly robust hierarchy, with a naming convention at it’s root.

How is the Order of templates determined in WordPress?

Selects the template in the order determined by the template hierarchy; Looks for template files with specific names in the current theme’s directory and uses the first matching template file as specified by the hierarchy.

Which is the most important template in WordPress?

And which template file is selected for each page depends on the order of a template hierarchy, and how files are named within them. Perhaps the most important page in your WordPress theme is the homepage. When a user visits your homepage, WordPress will look for an index.php file to render the page.

Which is the next file in the template hierarchy?

For a search page, if WordPress can’t find the search.php file, it will move down to the next file in the hierarchy, which is index.php. This file is the final fallback for every single branch within the template hierarchy. In theory, you can have a fully functional theme that only includes one template file, and that is index.php.