How do I add remarks in extended access list?

How do I add remarks in extended access list?

To insert an ACE with a remark within an ACL by specifying a sequence number, insert the numbered remark first, then, using the same sequence number, insert the ACE. This operation applies only to ACLs accessed using the “Named-ACL” ( nacl ) context.

What is Extended IP access list?

Extended Access Control Lists (ACLs) allow you to permit or deny traffic from specific IP addresses to a specific destination IP address and port. It also allows you to specify different types of traffic such as ICMP, TCP, UDP, etc. Needless to say, it is very granular and allows you to be very specific.

What is the IP extended access list range?

The extended access list numbers range from 100–199. If conditions are met, traffic will be allowed. If conditions are met, traffic will be denied. Defines the Internet protocol for filtering.

What does access list remark do?

An access list remark is an optional remark before or after an access list entry that describes the entry so that you do not have to interpret the purpose of the entry. Each remark is limited to 100 characters in length. The remark can go before or after a permit or deny statement.

How to define an extended IP access list?

Analogously, if you want to define an extended IP ACL, it must be numbered from the range 100-199 or 2000-2699. MAC ACLs would use the range 700-799 for standard ACL and 1100-1199 for extended ACL. The ip access-list command defines a named IPv4 ACL, either standard or extended.

How is an extended access list ( ACL ) used?

It is one of the types of Access-list which is mostly used as it can distinguish IP traffic therefore the whole traffic will not be permitted or denied like in standard access-list . These are the ACL which uses both source and destination IP address and also the port numbers to distinguish IP traffic.

What are the numbers on an extended access list?

Extended access lists can filter on source and destination IP addresses, or a combination of addresses and several other fields. If you prefer not to use a name, extended IP access lists can be numbered 100 – 199 or 2000 – 2699. Standard access lists are protocol aware which means they can be used to match packets on the basis of layer 4 protocol.

How to disable an extended access list in Waas?

To create and modify extended access lists on a WAAS device for controlling access to interfaces or applications, use the ip access-list extended global configuration command. To disable an extended access list, use the noform of the command. ip access-list extended {acl-name|acl-num}