How can I get loan in ncell?

How can I get loan in ncell?

How to take a loan/Saapati in Ncell?

  1. Go to your mobile call and dial *9988# (USSD method) Using USSD method, you need to dial *9988# on your mobile.
  2. You will get several options for loan Saapati like Balance, Data, and Voice.
  3. Get a confirmation for successful loan transfer in Ncell.
  4. Confirm the balance or packages.

Can ncell loan be transferred?

Now Ncell Prepaid users can send and receive balance anytime, anywhere from their mobile to their friend’s or family’s Ncell numbers. How to utilize this service? To transfer balance, dial *17122* * #.

How can I call with zero balance?

Low Balance Call. Now all prepaid users can make calls even when having low balance or zero balance. Simply call by dialing 17102 followed by the mobile number you want to call. If accepted by the receiver, the call will be charged from the receiver’s main balance.

How can I get 1000 SMS pack in ncell?

To subscribe the pack via SMS, customers need to type 5 and send it to 17119 for 150 SMS. Similarly, for 1,000 SMS, they can type 25 and send it to 17119. The SMS packs are valid for 30 days. Customers can dial *901# to know about the remaining SMS count information via SMS.

What can I do with Ncell loan from NTC?

The loan can be used to make calls to any networks, SMS and can use the internet as well. If you don’t recharge your phone right after you take loan. To get Ncell loan, just dial *9988# from your mobile. You will still be able to enjoy the service but you will not get next loan for another sapati.

Do you have to pay extra for Ncell loan?

The prepaid customers who have been using their Ncell sim for more than 2 months are eligible to use the service. The received loan is added to your current balance and it will be automatically deducted from your balance next time you recharge your phone. For a loan of will be charged extra charge of Rs 2.51 as service charge.

Which is the best loan scheme for Ncell Sapati?

Ncell Sapati is a very helpful scheme from Ncell for the prepaid users that allows you to request for a loan when your balance is less than Rs 5. Where to use Ncell Sapati?

Which is the best loan for Nepal Telecom?

Nepal Telecom Sapati service scheme called NTC Loan by Nepal Telecom makes easy to take NTC credit. NT Sapati scheme provides an emergency loan so that you can access to mobile communication without balance taking a loan. Previously, NCELL provided the service named NCELL Sapati of Rs. 20 for sim older than two months with a charge of Rs. 2.51.