Does war commander still exist?

Does war commander still exist?

War Commander is an online multiplayer game developed by Kixeye. The game has 30,000 active users everyday. Made in 2010, the game is still one of Kixeye’s biggest hits, receiving regular updates (e.g., AI, synchronous battle mode, etc.)….

War Commander
Genre(s) Strategy, Combat, Wargaming

What does a war commander do?

War Commander. Build a powerful army, show no mercy, and battle enemies for earth’s last remaining resources in this massive real-time strategy…

How do I change my sector in War Commander?

Changing Sector

  1. Click on your command center.
  2. Select “change sector” option.
  3. From the list of sectors, choose the sector in which you want to relocate.
  4. Click “Confirm”

When did war commander start?

September 13, 2011
War Commander/Initial release dates

How are the clans listed in war commander?

Alphabetical Order – Clans are listed in order, 0-9,A-Z. Other preceding characters are to be ignored. Placing entry out of order may get the Clan listing removed all together. Clan Name (R) – If the clan has sub-branches in other sectors, list ( HQ ) to the right of the Clan Name.

Who was the sector commander of Indian BSF?

Most of the Sector Commanders and quite a number of sub sector commanders remained in security under Indian BSF border camps such as Wing Commander Bashar, Major Shafiullah, Major Mir Shawkat Ali.

Who was the commander of each sector in the Liberation War?

Each sector had a sector commander I.e. Division Commanders who directed the military operation further coordinated through several sub-sectors under sub-sector commanders who fought along with their troops and civilian resistance fighters.

Who was the commander of the 10th BDF Sector?

The 10th BDF Sector was directly placed under Commander in Chief and included the Naval Commandos and C-in-C’s special force. These commandos were later absorbed into the Bangladesh Navy. BDF Commanders directed the guerrilla warfare against West Pakistani forces.