Does Sunakawa end up with Amami?

Does Sunakawa end up with Amami?

During a game of dodgeball, Sunakawa defended Amami from a ball that he could have easily avoided. After Amami apologized to Sunakawa, he revealed that he defended her because she might have gotten hurt if the ball hit her glasses. Through this encounter, Amami fell in love with Sunakawa.

Is Sunakawa in love with Takeo?

On a train, Sunakawa pointed out to Takeo Gouda that someone was groping Rinko Yamato. When Takeo gave Mariya Saijou a piggyback ride, Sunakawa was left to wait outside the school alongside Yamato. After observing her for a while, Sunakawa began to realize that she had romantic feelings for Takeo.

How tall is SUNA from my love story?

Several of Takeo’s traits reflected that of his voice actor, Takuya Eguchi: Both are the tallest among the main characters and voice casts. Both had problems with their heights; according to Takuya, due to his height being 187 cm, he can barely reach down to grab a can of beverage from a vending machine.

Does Rinko like Takeo?

Type of Love Interest Rinko Yamato is the main female character in the anime and manga series My Love Story!! She’s the love interest of Takeo Gouda. She originally had a crush on Takeo’s best friend, Makoto Sunakawa.

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Why does Yukika Amami like Makoto Sunakawa?

Amami recognized that Makoto Sunakawa loves Takeo as his friend. Amami likes that Sunakawa laughs the most when he’s with Takeo. Amami revealed that she likes Takeo, but in a completely different way from how she likes Sunakawa.

Who is Yukika Amami in Ore Monogatari?

Yukika Amami (天海悠紀華, Amami Yukika) is a childhood friend of Takeo Gouda and Makoto Sunakawa who is mostly known because of her genuine crush for Sunakawa, which he wasn’t aware of in the past.

Who is Sunakawa’s best friend in Ore Monogatari?

Takeo is Sunakawa’s best friend, having met almost ten years ago. Due to his intelligent & observant nature, Sunakawa knows about Takeo’s behavior and will help him out in any way he can. He would do anything to make sure Takeo is happy because he believes it is natural as friends to look out for each other.