Does Lamberts Cafe still throw rolls?

Does Lamberts Cafe still throw rolls?

Lambert’s Cafe – The Only Home of Throwed Rolls – Sikeston, MO | Ozark, MO | Foley, AL. “We hope you come hungry, leave full, and hopefully have a laugh or two!”

Where do they throw rolls at you in Branson?

Lambert’s Cafe
Lambert’s Cafe, home of the “throwed rolls”, in the Ozarks is extremely popular with locals and tourists alike. Lambert’s features a casual, family-oriented atmosphere and specializes in down home country cooking to bring you a large menu selection to appeal to any appetite.

Is Lambert’s all you can eat?

It’s a Southern-style, home-cooking-style restaurant that serves generous portions. But lots of restaurants are all-you-can-eat. That’s not what makes Lambert’s unique. The zaniest feature of the restaurant is that you can wave at a waiter across the room, and that waiter will zing you a freshly baked roll.

Who owns Lamberts in Sikeston MO?

Earl Lambert passed away in 1976, and his son Norman and wife Patti, entered into the restaurant business as partners to Agnes Lambert, who still worked eight hours a day, six days a week.

Where is Lambert’s Cafe in Branson MO?

Located between Springfield and Branson Missouri on the corner of Highway 65 and CC, LAMBERT’S CAFE II is the second cafe in the series of three. LAMBERT’S CAFE II was opened on March 7, 1994.

Are there Throwed Rolls at Lambert’s Cafe?

People who visit Lambert’s Cafe for the first time are invariably amazed at the generous portions served on each order. These generous servings along with our “THROWED ROLLS” have inspired many questions. We cannot describe our activity in great detail, but we’ve endeavored to point out some of the highlights of our “Throwed Rolls” cafe.

When did Lambert’s Cafe II open in Missouri?

LAMBERT’S CAFE II was opened on March 7, 1994. Construction was done by local contractors with big help from Joe “Dirt Man” McMullen. So come on in and visit us…you’re sure to have a good time here in Ozark. While you’re visiting, make sure you see the sights in Branson Missouri. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it! This opens in a new window.

How does pass around at Lambert’s cafe work?

In additional to the delicious rolls that are tossed to you during your meal, each massive entree is accompanied by Lambert’s signature “pass around” side. Guests will be able to choose from: These are brought around periodically and you’re able to eat them until you’re stuffed whether it be before, during, or after your meal.