Can you polish bluing?

Can you polish bluing?

We are often asked if the buffing stage of the bluing process is required. The short answer is “no”. In fact, for some applications a flat, matte finish is desired.

Can you sand off bluing?

Once properly sanded / polished you can reblue the piece using a cold blue chemical. Be careful to remove the old finish with a good stripper like Pro-Stripper and remove any old oil stains before you start and remember the finer the grit paper you use, the better the polish.

Can I polish my gun?

Polishing helps in getting rid of such rust spots and also protects the gun against it. A polished and well-maintained gun can be sold at a higher value due to its overall look. Polishing a tool or weapon also helps in cleaning it and getting rid of all the dust and other unwanted debris.

What will remove bluing?

Pour enough white vinegar to completely cover all of your gun parts. The parts will begin to turn orange after approximately 15 minutes. Don’t worry, the rust appearing is only from oxidation of the metals in the bluing. Remove the parts from the vinegar every 20 to 25 minutes and wipe down the oxidation.

What do you guys use to polish your blued revolver?

So, what do you guys use to polish your blued guns, clean them, etc. I cleaned mine with solvent, but I want something that will really polish it up nice. Any ideas? Or any photos of the blued guns/revolvers you have polished? I have gotten my very 1st blued gun, and I obviously don’t want to ruin the finish.

What’s the best way to Polish gun metal?

Rust Bluing Polish the parts to be blued. Clean away any dirt, oil, or grease that remains chemically. Coat the gun metal parts with the rust bluing solution. Immerse the gun metal parts in boiling distilled water. Scrub away the red oxide rust that has formed, leaving the black oxide finish underneath.

What’s the best way to Polish a blued?

With my stainless guns, I even use those Birchwood Casey Lead Removing Cloths to get off the burn rings on the cylinder, and it shined it up real nice. I know I can’t use them on blued.

Can You Reblue a gun with old bluing?

If most of the original bluing is still in place, you may be able to touch up the bluing yourself with a cold bluing kit. If most of the original bluing has worn away, you may want to consider removing the rest of the old bluing and hot bluing the gun metal.