Biggest Ketosis Mistakes People Make on the Keto Diet with Ketones

Biggest Ketosis Mistakes People Make on the Keto Diet with Ketones

When you read about a keto diet you may think that it is one of the simplest diets you can ever try. However, there are many people who follow their keto diets in a wrong manner. It is needless to say that when you carefully formulate a keto diet, you need to follow it for a long period of time.

For this, you need to have those foods that properly feed the microbiome, which is inherently healthy for your overall body and are also anti-inflammatory. The microbiome is the billions of bacteria that are found in your gut.

Common Mistakes Made By People on a Keto Diet

Dr. Keto Diet says you will come to know that many people make serious mistakes while on a keto diet. These mistakes should be avoided if you wish to get the best possible benefits from the diet in terms of weight loss and a healthy body. Some of these mistakes have been mentioned below for your knowledge.

  • Have Plenty Of Veggies: If you start a keto diet you will have to make meat as a side dish and concentrate only on veggies. Ask any specialist and you will come to know that a keto diet is basically a plant-based diet. In other words, your meal should contain large quantities of leafy vegetables. Different types of carbs are not created in the same manner. Leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale, bok choy, Swiss chard, and broccoli, have quite a large percentage of insoluble fiber. Together with the phytonutrients that you get from these veggies, the fiber a crucial role in becoming ketogenic or simply fat adapted. When you talk about insoluble fiber, it basically means that it cannot be simply broken down by your gut bacteria and it also does not dissolve in water.
  • Try and Include Butyrate and Resistant Starches: There is a relationship between your brain and your gut that is often forgotten. You will often hear people, on a keto diet, complain after around 2 or 3 weeks that they starve most of the time. Most importantly the microbiomes in your gut actually starve. People usually try and kill this starving sensation by having resistant starches or starches that are not easily digested. These are found in green banana flour, beans, and oats. If you are on a standard keto diet that comprises of 10% carbs, 70% fat, and 20% protein, you will naturally feel starved by the 3rd week. This will make you gorge on carbs and protein. As a result of this, your body fails to get into a state of ketosis. If you can include resistance starches and fiber, you can easily blunt out your hunger pangs.
  • Do Not Consume More Protein Than Needed: It is also seen that people on a keto diet unknowingly have more protein than needed. If you continue with this week after week, it will eventually lead to a hike in protein consumption. Having protein will make you feel full and you will want to have more and more of it. However, having protein does not feed your microbiomes.