Are there postcodes in Malta?

Are there postcodes in Malta?

Maltese Postal Codes Post codes in Malta are made up of three letters, which represent the locality, followed by four digits. The Malta Post website has a zip code finder which allows users to search for a postal code by entering address details.

What’s the postcode of Malta?

Malta Pin Code is 263642. Pin Code is also known as Zip Code or Postal Code.

What do the last 3 digits of a postal code mean?

The 3-digit postal codes are part of the official alphanumeric 6-digit postal code system. The first three indicate the Forward Sortation Area and the last three, the Local Delivery Unit. V8xxxx: The second digit indicates whether we are dealing with a rural or an urban area.

What is the postal code for Malta Post?

MaltaPost initially continued to use postal codes as they were in the 1990s. In 2007 they changed the postcodes of all addresses in the Maltese Islands. Each code consist of three letters, that differ by locality, and four numbers, for example MTP 1001 (the postcode of MaltaPost’s main complex in Marsa).

Who is the post office company in Malta?

About Malta post . MaltaPost p.l.c. is a public limited company, it is one of the country’s largest private employers. As a national postal operator in Malta, it collects and delivers mail to every address on the islands.

Where is the modern post box in Malta?

Modern post box in Mellie─ža. MaltaPost Fiat Dobl├▓ Mk2 van in St. Julian’s. There are 3 hubs in Malta and 1 in Gozo, each locality in Malta and Gozo is under one of these hubs. A code starting with “R” indicates a Branch Post Office (BPO), and one with “S” indicates a Sub Post Office (SPO). The latter are usually located in shops such as stationers.

When did the first Malta Post stamp come out?

MaltaPost issued its first stamps on 27 May 1998, and the issue consisted of a set of 4 commemorating the International Year of the Ocean. Less than a year after MaltaPost took over, in early 1999, the German company Bundesdruckerei began printing Maltese stamps instead of the local company Printex Limited.