Are there bears at Duck Mountain Provincial Park?

Are there bears at Duck Mountain Provincial Park?

Bears are present in Duck Mountain Provincial Park and should be treated with respect.

What RM is Duck Mountain in?

Duck Mountain Provincial Park is a Saskatchewan Provincial Park, located 14 km east of the town of Kamsack and stretches some 12 kilometres eastward to the Saskatchewan/Manitoba boundary….Duck Mountain Provincial Park (Saskatchewan)

Duck Mountain Provincial Park
Nearest town Kamsack
Coordinates 51°41′N 101°38′WCoordinates: 51°41′N 101°38′W
Area 150 km2 (58 sq mi)

Is Madge Lake open?

Open May long weekend to Labour Day. Based in the Duck Mountain Provincial Park, the Madge Lake Riding Stables offer trail rides with access to 72 km of beautiful scenic trails through the Duck Mountain hills. Choice of trail, pony or overnight rides are available.

Where is Madge Lake in Saskatchewan?

eastern Saskatchewan
Madge Lake is a freshwater lake located in eastern Saskatchewan, 18 km east of the town of Kamsack and just a few kilometres west of the province’s eastern boundary. It is centered near coordinates 51°40′ N, 101°38′ W.

Where is Duck Mountain Provincial Park in Saskatchewan?

Located in eastern Saskatchewan in the boreal forest, Madge Lake is just east of Kamsack next to the Manitoba border. Madge Lake serves as Duck Mountain Provincial Park’s central tourist attraction.

Where to stay in Kamsack near Duck Mountain?

Duck Mountain Motel has rooms in Kamsack ( 20 kms. ) Their number is 1-306-542-2656. I will try keep trail conditions up to date. I won’t post every week unless trails have been set that week.

What to buy in Duck Mountain Provincial Park?

Unfortunately for a park this size, which includes several church camps, many campgrounds, and cottage subdivisions, the store only carried junk food, bread and milk, and an assortment of things like matches and bug spray. And the food prices were outrageous. So buy your groceries in Yorkton or Kamsack on the way to the park.

How big is the campground at Duck Mountain?

There are only about 15 or so full hookup sites and the rest are 15/30 amp power with water available throughout the park. Wonderful hiking/biking trails. High waters has overcome the beach area at the campground but the main beach a short drive away is very spacious and beautiful with lots of sand, grass, and trees.