Are colored contacts safe for Halloween?

Are colored contacts safe for Halloween?

Don’t let an eye infection be the scariest part of your Halloween. Using decorative lenses without a valid prescription can cause serious harm to your eyes—haunting you long after October 31. You can safely buy contact lenses from eye doctors’ offices, online, or by mail order with a valid prescription.

Do you need a prescription for Halloween contacts?

Just like corrective contact lenses you should never buy contact lenses from a street vendor, beauty supply store, flea market, novelty store or Halloween store—and you should always have a prescription.

How long can you wear non prescription colored contacts?

The length of time you can wear these lenses without removing varies on the manufacturer, but it is always good to try and give your eyes a break or disinfect by cleaning it using contact lens solution for at least twice a week and you should never wear lenses continuously for more than 30 days.

Are there any non prescription Halloween contact lenses?

Aside from non-prescription Halloween contacts, Crazy Lenses is also proud to have introduced an extensive new range of prescription Halloween contacts for the 2019 season.

Can you buy contact lenses for Halloween at ttdeye?

From devil colored contact lenses to twilight Halloween contact lenses and animal contact lenses, we have the frightening contact lens series to give a real scary touch to your outfit. When you go shopping for colored contact lenses at TTDeye, you need not worry about the health and safety of your eyes.

Is it OK to wear red contact lenses?

At Coloured Contacts we offer a great variety of cosmetic red color contact lenses, ready to transform your look in seconds. Whether it is for Cosplay, Halloween or casual wear, these red contacts lenses are a great eye accessory, allowing you to switch up your eye color with ease.

What kind of contact lenses are used in The Walking Dead?

Ideal for zombie, Walking Dead, undead and possessed makeups and costumes, caution is advised as they will reduce your vision by around 80%. Red Contact Lenses – Red contact lenses are incredibly diverse. Featuring a red block of color with a central black pupil, they can be used as devil or demon eyes as well as vampire and werewolf eyes.