Are breakaway banners reusable?

Are breakaway banners reusable?

Breakaway banners are 100% customizable, reusable, and durable enough to last multiple seasons while still giving you the custom look you need.

How do you make a running banner?


  1. Roll each packet of crepe paper out to a length of 2 metres.
  2. Lay crepe paper lengths side by side, overlapping slightly.
  3. Use 3 whole lengths of crepe paper, as below, to make a background for your message.
  4. Run tape down each side of the banner to keep all lengths together.

Are there any reusable breakaway banners for football?

Burst onto the field in a big way with our Custom Reusable Breakaway Banners! Our Custom Breakaway Banners are a fun way for your team to make a memorable entrance to the big game. Also known as run-through banners, these breakaway banners are durable, weatherproof & reusable.

What kind of vinyl is a football banner made out of?

Parents or cheer team members hold the poles on either side while the velcro strip allows the team to run or break through the banner as they run onto the field. The banners are made from a durable 13 oz. vinyl making it the perfect choice for football game entrances.

What kind of vinyl is a breakaway banner made of?

Breakaway banners are made from 13 oz. vinyl. This thickness allows for the banner to be light enough for a cheer team or parents to hold up while still giving it enough durability to be used repeatedly over a number of years. Because of these reasons we don’t offer the breakaway banners in any other materials.

Where can I hang a sports team banner?

It’s easy to order custom photo banners for your sports team. You can hang the banners in the gym, along the fence by the field, or in your school. You can add a photo of your sports team, or create an individual banner for each player on the team.