5 Ways To Use Social Media For Your eCommerce

5 Ways To Use Social Media For Your eCommerce

In today’s day and age running a successful business without a strong online presence is almost unfathomable. If you want to make sure that your company or product is visible to the customers all over the world and generate leads, you need to make sure to target and reach the right audience. We give you some of the most convincing and impactful ways to use social media for your eCommerce.

Be Present Everywhere

Although there are certain social media platforms which suit some groups better, depending on the age, genre, level of education, etc. – you want to make sure that you’re present wherever it’s possible. They say ’the more the merrier’ for a reason. You never know which particular tweet, Facebook or Instagram post can trigger that snowball effect which attracts more and more people to look into your product or business.

You should also consider blogging regularly, as a big part of online presence. Having a nicely written content about your commerce weekly or daily puts you in a position of the go-to company when it comes to informing customers. Be sure to also answer their questions, doubts and make friendly advice on what to do/buy, or which service to use in that particular situation.

5 Ways To Use Social Media For Your eCommerce

Start a Conversation

When you’ve attracted enough people on a given platform, we suggest that you use the variety of range of topics that are connected to your field and start a (meaningful) conversation with potential clients. Make sure to always remember that it’s all about that buzz. Once you’ve set off the initial spark the right way, the rest will almost take care of itself. You just have to listen closely and figure out what exactly is the main thing that your clients expect, want, desire.

Meeting them sort of ’half way’ is probably the most prudent thing to do. Being authentic and offering what others can’t or simply don’t know how is not really a secret formula to success, but it’s often times neglected. So, keep your ear to the ground and dedicate significant time to actually address client’s needs.

Sponsored Content

Even though we don’t want to get into the nitty-gritty and talk about differences between branded content, sponsored content, native advertising, and brand journalism right now, it’s crucial for you to know that you should focus on advertising your best product or a go-to strategy. And if you’re not exactly sure on how to run your eCommerce via social media accounts or you simply want to engage more folk – leave the job to the pros, like the people behind Eight Clients, who will make sure that your Twitter account is attracting the right audience. Basically, you want services or commodities that you sell to appear on social media and attract attention from the right people. You can do this by creating engaging videos about various items, posting pictures of products, etc. Which leads us to the next advice on how to improve your online visibility by using social media – look after the graphics style and try to make it unique.

Pay Attention to the Visuals

You may or may not be ’aesthetically inclined’ yourself, but you sure want to create visually pleasing and appealing content which is connected to your business. Start off by making a powerful visual identity which will carve right into everyone’s brain and stay there. It all begins by making sure that your company logo stands out. Secondly, your website should also be top-notch.

You don’t want something which just screams for attention and only annoys everybody really. Videos, GIFs, pictures, you name it – the whole purpose of social media e-commerce is to ensure that you leave a good impression on eventual clients. No one likes to see sloppy work in any regard. When we talk about ’visuals’, we can also add that the content should be written as clearly as possible, without grammar or syntax errors, etc.

5 Ways To Use Social Media For Your eCommerce

Organize Giveaways

What better way to engage your clients than by organizing giveaways? Now, you might be thinking: ’how do I do that when I’m a service-based company and don’t have the actual product to give away?’ Well, think again: if you are just offering services, you can still use this strategy to your advantage. For example, if you’re a marketing firm, you can always offer some free consultation hours. Use social media to create poll quizzes, ask followers to share your content on their profiles and tag other people as a part of the process of claiming the reward, etc.


So, there you have it: 5 simple ways on how to utilize social media properly and improve your overall visibility. Start off by being present at as many platforms as possible. When you ensure that you’re ’surrounded’ by many people, your next step is to attract their attention. Start a meaningful conversation with them and actually listen to their needs and problems. Make powerful statements by creating good sponsored and visual content. Organize giveaways to show that you really care about your clients. Implement these e-commerce strategies and you’ll definitely see improvements regarding your business.