Will there be Hospital Playlist 3?

Will there be Hospital Playlist 3?

SEOUL – Hit medical drama Hospital Playlist, which ended its second season with its highest viewership ratings on Thursday (Sept 16), will not be renewed for a third season.

Is Jo Jung-suk and Gummy still together?

They have been together since 2013! Jo Jung Suk and Gummy’s relationship have stood the test of time (they have been together for more than eight years!) and at this point, we’re wishing our ~future~ married life will be as happy as theirs. ICYDK, the couple has already the knot and are parents to a baby girl!

Who is Jo Jung suk famous for in South Korea?

Jo rumored famous South Korean singer/actress IU. He rumored South Korean actress Shin Min Ah. He hobbies are Taekwondo. His popularity began as a musical actor. He can’t cook well. He is popular with the ladies. Do you know more about Jo Jung-suk’s? Feel free to comment below.

Who are the actors in Shin Min ah movies?

Lee Seung Gi plays Cha Dae Woong in this drama, starring alongside Shin Min Ah who plays the beautiful mythical creature. Also starring in this 2010 drama are Noh Min Woo, Hyo Min, Park Soo Jin, Yoon Yoo Sun, and more. Sign me up! Shin Min Ah also starred alongside Jo Jung Suk in the 2014 film My Love, My Bride.

Who is Park Bo young and Jo Jung suk?

Everyone has at least heard of Park Bo Young – she’s already famous through several works, especially “ A Werewolf Boy ” with Song Joong Ki. However, less people have probably heard of Jo Jung Suk. I know he definitely wasn’t on my radar until I fell in love with him through “Oh My Ghost.”

Who is Shin Min ah in chief of staff?

Shin Min Ah, who plays Ma Rin, stars alongside Lee Je Hoon in this drama. Chief of Staff is a political drama about politicians and their aides who all try to climb the political ladder. Lee Jung Jae plays Jang Tae Joon, who decided to work in the National Assembly to gain more power.