Why does my sewing have looping underneath?

Why does my sewing have looping underneath?

Looped stitches are usually caused by improper tension. If the loop is on the upper side, it may be corrected by loosening the top tension or by tightening the lower tension. Looping of stitches is sometimes caused by placing the bobbin in the bobbin case the wrong way.

How can I make my sewing machine have less tension?

To decrease your top tension if it is too tight, turn your knob so the numbers are decreasing. Try ½ to 1 number lower, then test the stitches on a piece of scrap fabric. Continue until it looks even on both sides and you can no longer see the needle thread on the wrong side of the fabric.

Is the Janome sew mini a sewing machine?

Janome Sew Mini is made in the same factory as Janome’s full size sewing machines. The Janome SewMini has many of the same features. The Sew Mini is a great second machine for the experienced user, a starter machine for the young enthusiast or perfect for travel. Customer Questions & Answers

How big is the frame on a Janome?

Front and rear controls are standard along with a frame that can be set up at 4′, 8′, or 12′. Expand your Horizon with the Continental M7 and experience several industry firsts that give you the features you’ll wonder how you ever lived without.

Which is the best sewing machine for curtains?

HD1000 is not fully computerized due to not having an LCD screen for stitch control, but it does have some important automatic functions that will make your life easier: 14 built-in stitches suitable for collars, cuffs, pants, stippling, darning, buttonholes, and free motion sewing that fits well with curtains and drapes.

When was the first Janome longarm quilter made?

Janome can’t wait to celebrate our 100th anniversary with you! See how far we’ve come since 1921! No matter where your sewing and quilting take you, go confidently with the precision and reliability of your Janome. Take a look at Janome’s first longarm quilter, the Quilt Maker Pro 18.