Why do my abductors hurt after running?

Why do my abductors hurt after running?

If you are running on uneven terrain, or on a path with a significant slope then your adductors are working harder than they are used to. This will cause pain along the inner thigh, and sometimes up near the pelvic attachment when running. Adductor muscle strains usually subside within a few weeks.

Can I run with an adductor strain?

My personal experience of attempting to run through an adductor injury was to lose six months of youthful running, thanks to inexperience. These injuries are slow to heal and over-enthusiasm may again risk scar tissue changing to bone.

How do you get rid of an abductor pain?

To speed the healing, you can:

  1. Ice the inside of your thigh to reduce pain and swelling. Experts recommend doing it for 20 to 30 minutes every 3 to 4 hours for 2 to 3 days, or until the pain is gone.
  2. Compress your thigh using an elastic bandage or tape.
  3. Take anti-inflammatory painkillers.

How long does it take to recover from an abductor strain?

Grade 1 strains will take 1 to 2 weeks of rest before a person can return to exercise. Normal movement, such as walking, should be possible within a few days. Grade 2 strains may take 3 to 6 weeks to heal fully. Grade 3 strains happen when most or all of the muscle is torn.

Why do I have adductor pain after running?

The pain may appear suddenly build up slowly over time. Adductor strains are somewhat common in trail runners or road runners who head out for a trail run for the first time. Runners used to road running who head out for a trail run may experience adductor pain afterward.

Can a weak hip abductor cause a runner to hurt?

Weak Hip Abductors Can Be an Actual Pain In the Butt for Runners. The research suggests specifically strengthening your hip and gluteal muscles can help with the pain and inflammation—something Vicenzino’s team is currently studying to confirm. (Don’t forget about these 6 Strength Exercises Every Runner Should Be Doing .) Try these two exercises…

What causes pain in the groin and adductor?

A groin or adductor strain is a common cause of medial leg and groin pain, especially among athletes. In this video, Dr. Travis Owens discusses the causes of groin pain. He also explains signs or symptoms that may indicate you have a muscle strain, or an injury to any of the adductor muscles (the muscles on the inner side of the thigh).

How are the adductor muscles used in running?

The adductor muscles are responsible for drawing your legs together to control the swinging of your legs while walking and running, and they also help stabilize your stride. Injuring your adductor muscles while running most commonly occurs when you sprint, hurdle, start or stop suddenly, quickly change directions or run with side-to-side movements.